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Trees and Cliff

Carbon Reduction

Tolero's manufacturing process uses residual biomass and waste to manufacture products that perform to industry standards while reducing carbon in the environment.

Tolero's products can sequester carbon by either locking the carbon in products that have an extended useful life and/or the products are buried underground after they are used.

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The Biogenic Carbon Cycle involves the cycling of carbon that already exists in the environment. 


Biogenic carbon is the emissions related to the natural carbon cycle, as well as those resulting from the combustion, harvest, digestion, fermentation, decomposition or processing of biologically based materials.

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Tolero Carbon Cycle involves the Tolero processing of biogenic carbon that is already in the environment.​

It includes sequestering carbon in Tolero products and the recycling of carbon into the environment during processing or after the use of Tolero products.

Tolero products are carbon negative as a result of removing carbon from the cycle.

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​Carbon moves from fossil fuels to the biogenic carbon cycle when fuels are burned or made into products. 

Fossil fuels increase the amount of carbon in the biogenic carbon cycle versus recycling the existing carbon, contributing to climate change.

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